» Shangri-La
» Shangri-La Hotel Lobby
» Shangri-La Hotel Suite
» Shangri-La Water Furnace Water to Water Heat Pumps
» Shangri-La McQuay Air Handling Unit
» Shangri-La Sondex Heat Exchangers
» Shangri-La Cooling Tower


Location:1128 West Georgia Street
Architect:James KM Cheng Architects Inc
Owner:Westbank Properties
General Contractor:Ledcor Industries
Mechanical Consultant:Sterling Cooper
Mechanical Contractor:GML Mechanical Ltd

Shangri-La is Vancouver’s tallest structure at 62 storeys. Built to LEED Silver ratings, it utilizes a geothermal field below grade, multiple roof gardens, and Low-E energy curtain wall. Shangra-La is a Five Star Diamond Hotel topped by 46 storeys of live / work residential condominiums. The building’s mechanical system is served by 270 tons of Water Furnace heat pump chillers, over 500 horizontal and vertical stacking heat pumps, and a cooling towers. Shangri-La was a recipient of the 2009 VRCA Award of Excellence.

» Shaw Tower
» Shaw Tower
» Shaw Tower Lobby
» Shaw Tower Cooling Tower
» Custom Scott Springfield Air Handler
» McQuay Centrifugal Chiller
» Shaw Tower McQuay Fan Coil

Shaw Tower

Location:1077 West Cordova, Vancouver
Architect:James KM Cheng Architects Inc
Owner:Westbank Properties
General Contractor:Ledcor Industries
Mechanical Consultant:Keen Engineering
Mechanical Contractor:Broadway Refrigeration

Shaw Tower is one of the tallest waterfront buildings at 42 floors and is located in heart of Vancouver’s Financial District. Shaw Tower is a post-modern design that includes both commercial offices and residences. The residential tower has 130 condos where the heating and cooling system is serviced by McQuay heat pumps, fan coils and air handlers. Olympic also supplied two 900 Ton McQuay centrifugal chillers and two cooling towers.

» UBC Museum of Anthropology

UBC Museum of Anthropology

Location:6393 NW Marine Drive,Vancouver
Architect:Arthur Erikson & Stantec Architecture
Owner:UBC Properties
General Contractor:Stuart Olson
Mechanical Consultant:Stantec
Mechanical Contractor:Keith Plumbing & Heating

UBC Museum of Anthropology is one of Canada’s foremost museums, renowned for its Northwest collections of First Nations and other cultural community artifacts. Olympic supplied museum level custom air handling units with carbon indoor air quality (IAQ) filtration, and archive quality humidification. The cooling tower uses a super low sound wide chord blade fan as it is adjacent to residential buildings.

» 1762 Davie Street O2
» 1762 Davie Street
» 1762 Davie Street Louvers for Sun Shade
» Karo Radiant Heating and Cooling Mat

1762 Davie Street

Location:1762 Davie Street, Vancouver BC
Architect:Merrick Architecture
Owner:Barco Canada Development
General Contractor:ITC Construction
Mechanical Consultant:Cobalt Engineering
Mechanical Contractor:Jeda Mechanical

1762 Davie Street “O2” is a 7 storey boutique residence with 20 modernist flats, with commercial space on the street level. Olympic International supplied 10,000 square feet of Karo radiant heating and cooling capillary mat system and customized hydronic control panels. A minimal amount of chilled water supply was required totalling 40 Tons, supplied by the Water Furnace water to water heat pumps. A McQuay air handling unit was supplied for parkade ventilation and heat rejection.

» Whistler Sliding Center
» Whistler Sliding Center

Whistler Sliding Centre

Location:4910 Glacier Lane Whistler
Architect:Stantec Architecture
Owner:Province of British Columbia - Tourism BC
General Contractor:Heatherbrae
Mechanical Consultant:Stantec Consulting
Mechanical Contractor:Excel Ventilation / Westbay Mechanical

Whistler Sliding Centre housed the 2010 Olympic bobsleigh, luge and skeletor events. This high performance, world class facility included the supply of AAON split systems, heat recovery ventilation system, a fluid cooler, Water Furnace heat pumps and water to water reversible chillers.

Olympic International