Lunch and Learn Training Topics

Air Handling Systems
Presentation on basics of air handling (vav, cv, dual duct, multizone), levels of air handling (custom, semi-custom, packaged), filtration, coils, fans, mixing boxes, plenums, humidification, heat exchangers and special applications.

Fan Laws
Presentation on types of fans (plug, forward curve, direct drive, and belt drive), measuring pressure, external and total static pressure, velocity, fan performance and fan curves (hp, rpm, cfm, esp, efficiency, and surge).

Chiller Systems
Presentation on refrigeration and hydronic chiller system basics, air vs. water cooled systems, constant flow parallel and series, primary secondary systems and variable primary flow, compressor types, refrigeration cycle, and refrigerants.

Geothermal and Heat Pump Systems
Presentation on geothermal and hybrid heat pump systems, building diversity, hydronic design, and sound. We will provide you with information on the different types of heat pumps including horizontal, vertical, vertical stacked and roof tops and their applications.

Cooling Towers
Presentation on induced and forced draft cooling tower and circuit coolers, low sound options, diversity, and application for heat pump and chillers systems.

Radiant Heating and Cooling Capillary Mat Systems
Presentation on radiant systems that will include information on comfort and energy efficiency, radiant mat design and layout, dew point, chilled water supply and heating supply options.

Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems
Presentation on residential and commercial applications, design considerations, efficiency, heat pump and heat recovery options, controls and building energy management strategy.

Water to Water Heat Pump Systems

Presentation on water to water heat pump system application, efficiency, design considerations, and controls strategy.


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